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About Us

The director

Hello, my name is Zane W. Lazare, I am the founder and director of Organic Ohmage. I have recently completed a Master’s degree in Ecology, in which I investigated the long-term impacts agriculture has on the species composition and ecosystem function. In 2014 and after almost 14 years of smoking I decided to give electronic cigarettes a try. This was spurred by an increasing awareness of the harm cigarettes and tobacco were inflicting on me, society and the environment.

Conscious consumerism and vaping

Since picking up a vapouriser, I can proudly say I have broken the chain and am free of the stinkies. However, after a few months I began to question what ingredients where in the fluid I was vaping and where they were coming from. It turns out, there is very little information regarding what manufacturers use to flavour their e-liquids, let alone where these ingredients are sourced from. Thus with increased consciousness I set out to look for New Zealand e-liquid vendors whom supplied a product of which the manufacturer provided some level of transparency pertaining to the ingredients of their flavouring and where they are sourced. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any! So, I made it my mission to make available e-liquids which promote both transparency in the manufacturing process and conscious consumerism in the New Zealand and global vaping community.

The conception of Organic Ohmage

The definition of the word “homage” means to pay respect or reverence and to do or give something in consideration or acknowledgement of its worth. I believe that we should pay homage to the nature of organic production, where possible, in every aspect of our lifestyle as a means to reduce impact on, as well as enhance the resilience of, the natural world we live in. Inherently, this belief extends to my choices in vaping. Similarly, vapouriser and e-cigarette technology is built upon Ohm’s Law (cheers Georg Ohm!). Thus in deciding on a name to call an organic e-liquid company, it seemed fitting to choose “Organic Ohmage”!